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"why health is your first wealth"

Jonathan Fields, a former lawyer, now thought leader in the world of purposeful living, has a simple and powerful model for focusing on what is needed for a great life.

His model consists of 3 buckets: vitality, connection, and contribution.

I love the simplicity of his model and how it focuses on the essentials we often neglect when chasing the “all.”

Vitality refers to your physical, emotional, and (I'll add it) financial health.

Now just think about the last vacation you were on. If you planned it, I’m guessing the weeks leading up to the vacation were very hectic. You probably shoved in a lot of last minute to-dos to get the whole family out the door and on time.

Did you fully enjoy the vacation? Did the vacation give you the chance to nourish your physical and emotional health?

Or did it feel as if you just transplanted your everyday life to a new locale? Were you rushed from site to site, stuck in waiting lines, or passed out on the couch after too many margaritas? Did you get good quality sleep? Did you exercise? Did you have time to read that book you wanted? Did you enjoy meals and real conversations with your loved ones, or were the ipads and iphones and thoughts of work interrupting the chance for quality time?

Don’t get me wrong--vacation and pampering have their place. But do they truly add to your physical and emotional health? Instead of a vacation once in awhile or a spa day twice a year, is it possible to focus on creating a healthy habit that fills your vitality bucket every single day?

Credit Jonathan Fields

Question: what vitality habit would really improve your physicial health? Share in the coments below. HINT: this is ingredient number one for your dream work-life integration!


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