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why I hate the term "working moms"

Mothers will never find joy until they understand one thing: The societal messages mothers hear are TOXIC and designed to make us doubt our self-worth,

I have a friend who is a stay-at-home mother. She wakes up at 5:30 am to make breakfast and lunch for her family, does the daily carpool school drop off and pickup, helps with homework, listens to her tween's fears, and volunteers at hot lunch day. She doesn't make Instagram worthy home-made sandwiches, tend her own organic vegetable patch, nor lead the parent council. Her worry lines and work-worn chapped hands tell me she is doing work.

Hard work.

And yet, if I ask her husband and children what she does, they say "she doesn't work." And do you know what is worse? She would also agree that she does not work.

I don't know any mother, whether she works outside of the house or not, who doesn't work damned hard. But no matter how many roles a mother takes on, she often feels that she is not doing a good enough job.

What is this tragic? Motherhood--which is challenging, rewarding, and potentially so amazing--becomes a shame trap. It's something I struggle with constantly and was a big part of my burnout.

If you want to learn more (whether you are a mother, have a mother, want to be a mother, or identify as a mother figure), I invite you to come to my webinar on motherhood shame to take the first step to owning your own enough-ness.

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