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Dear Fellow Mother-Doctors:

Do you feel overwhelmed with juggling your family, career, elder care, and well-being? Do you scroll social media late at night and wonder how "other women handle it all so perfectly and still look great?"

Do you crave a healthy way to integrate your life and career that doesn't leave you exhausted, burnt out, and soul-crushed? Do you dread going to work? Do you wonder if you should quit medicine, but feel you can't leave your patients stranded? 


Do you ever feel you have to juggle all of your roles and make it look effortless? But then feel as if you're failing every single day?


Maybe you bring your frustrations home?

What if I told you I could help you get that ideal work-life integration you crave? I have a transformational process that will guarantee that:

You CAN be less busy.

You CAN have more time for what rejuvenates you.

You CAN enjoy meaningful work.

You CAN enjoy quality time with those you love.

You CAN be a fantastic role model for those who depend on you to be strong. 

It is possible. And it's a life changing freedom I want you all to have.



You're a hardworking *mother and doctor. 
Your dream work-life integration is possible when you learn a few key concepts.



Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Do you control and perfect to avoid the pain?

Do you change what you say and do to try and fit in with the crowd?

Is your self-worth tied to the lines on your CV?

Do patient complaints make you wonder if you're meant to be in medicine?


Do you feel expectations to be a team player at work, be a supportive partner, raise kind children, and care for aging parents?  


And look good at the same time?

Do you have trouble with saying no?


Do you long for a piece of the day just for yourself?


Do you want to explore a side passion outside of medicine, but don't know how to start? 

Do you want to find purpose and meaning in your days again?


Are you ready to lead your own personal change, but nothing you tried has worked so far?

Do you need to find the courage to be seen?

Do you need help to implement a system of change?

Are you ready to step into your unique vision of success?



I was in the same place as you. I remember the pain of unhappiness and empty days. I dreaded going to work. I was angry and irritable. I felt that my patients were "things to clear off the waiting list" rather than people who deserved my compassion and care.


I lacked self-compassion and I certainly didn't experience joy. I didn't understand that I couldn't give to others since my own bucket was empty. No one talked about physician wellness then.


But I'm no longer in that space.


I hired a coach (two actually!), I read powerful books, I stayed open and curious. I helped myself.


Burnout recovery is possible. It can also be a simpler process than you think. I can help you put yourself first--and learn how to really thrive. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, you suffered moral injury in silence. You saw a chronically underfunded healthcare system crumble. And you were asked to fill the gaps. You were asked to make something out of very little every single day. You shared your anger and pain in stories, op-eds, and protests. But has anything changed? 

Will any change come if it doesn't first come from you?

I truly believe the healthcare system will change--slowly. Maybe not within my time and maybe not within yours. But imagine this--if you treat 1000-2000 patients per year, what kind of transformations will you and those around you experience when you take care of yourself first?


You have children. You're responsible for raising them to be healthy, emotionally strong, and confident. They model what you do. They learn from your actions. When you are healthy, emotionally strong and confident, your kids will thrive. What difference will it make for your children to see that you took charge of your own future?

You first.


Everyone else after.

When you "win first" as a mother-doctor, everyone else around you rises.

Are you ready?

Doctor in Covid 19 face gear looking stressed
mom line drawing.jpg

6 Pillars for Authentic Work Life Integration


It's painful when your ideas and beliefs clash with your lived experiences. The hard work begins with preparing your mindset for change--and deciding what shifts and what stays.

Mind Trash and Shame

The past shapes you, but sometimes you fail to learn its lessons. Imperfection is normal. You will learn how to accept who you are now and that you are always changing and learning to be better.

You will learn how to be shame resilient. 

Healthy Boundaries

You will apply a "simplicity filter" to your life. You will learn when and how to say no so you can say a big YES to what fills you with joy. Boundaries keep you safe as you explore new ways to be.

Curiosity and Vulnerability

This is where you will visualize your best future and take the initial steps to get there. You will learn how to strengthen your courage muscles and harness the power of fear to grow into your best self.

Clarify Core Values

Who are you without even trying? You will identify your core values. 

You will learn to express these core values at work and with your relationships, This is your lodestar for building amazing habits of change.

Fail, Rise, Learn, Climb, Repeat

When you choose to change, you can't control the outcome. That is scary, but also amazing. You will learn how to accept this fact and get back up. Support combines with accountability for great personal growth.

*mother-doctors:  anyone who self-identifies as a mother, a caregiver, or has a nurturing role AND/OR anyone who is interested in learning more about the challenges of mother-doctors are welcome.  If this material resonates with you, you are very welcome to join in the conversation!

We acknowledge that the land we are meeting on is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We also acknowledge that Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit.

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