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Testimonials for Dr. Dawn Lim

"I highly recommend Dawn Lim to those seeking insightful and practical discussions relating to one's career and personal development. I was impressed by the perspective Dawn brought to our coaching sessions. As a practicing professional, she has a profound understanding of the challenges and on-the-ground realities faced by professionals in various fields and it informs her empathetic and practical advice. She provided guidance tailored to my individual circumstances that I found to be quite useful. Approachable and easy to talk to, Dawn effortlessly manages time and conversations, thinks on her feet, and asks incisive and useful questions. I found our sessions to be productive, positive, and well worth the time spent. Dawn's passion for people and coaching is evident in every interaction, and I am grateful for the kind and thoughtful guidance she provided in helping me navigate a path to my goals for personal growth."

J. McElravy
lawyer and entrepreneur

Bobbi Moriel
life coach, California 

"I completed a total of five sessions of life coaching with Dawn. Initially, I was quite sceptical as I was afraid I would be pressured into making drastic changes in my life and career that I was not prepared for. But after the first session, I was pleasantly surprised. Dawn is an empathic listener and strategic thinker. She helped me to realize that life coaching is really just about a growth mindset with the goal of attaining greater personal and career fulfillment. She helped me shift my perspective on some of the obstacles I face and identify areas for self-improvement. As a physician mom like myself, she has a great understanding of the unique challenges that we face, especially physician burnout. I have taken what I have learned from the sessions to remind myself to practice more self-compassion on days when I am feeling overwhelmed. I would highly recommend Dawn to everyone, but especially to career moms.

physician and mother, Oakville

"Flow, very organic and useful."

Brittany Cameron
Emergency Physician,

"Excellent facilitation, there was psychological safety. There was space for feelings and sharing of personal experiences. As a fellow emergency physician, Dr. Lim has a clear shared understanding of our work experience. There is a buy-in to the knowledge she shares, because she directly related the content to our work. The conversation flowed naturally. Dr. Lim was extremely respectful and inquisitive. I felt included in the dialogue. Overall, amazing workshop!"

Huma Ali
Emergency Physician, Calgary

"The (Gifts of Imperfection) workshop flowed smoothly with valuable discussion generated. Dawn demonstrated mastery of the material. Insightful, though-provoking course."

Rod Lim
Emergency Physician, London

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