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You’ve spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars training as a doctor. You care for your kids, your patients, and maybe aging parents too. 


No matter how hard you work, you feel stuck. 

So you push the pain down.


Does this sound like you?

What I Do as a Burnout and Mindset Coach

I am your thinking partner to help you navigate to your ideal work life integration. I help you move beyond burnout to have a truly thriving life. Right now, your life feels stagnant. It's what you know, it's what you do. Sometimes, what we know feels safe (even if it's not ideal). But doing the same thing will get you the same result. It's why you feel stuck. Do you want 20, 30, or 40 more years of that life? 

Or will you muster the courage to step into your big dreams?


I help mother-doctors work through the mindset and habits that cause them emotional/physical exhaustion and prolonged stress. I help you gain clarity on your core values. I support you as you start to rebuild your ideal life. You will start to build that life and see lasting results through the tough work of breaking down important goals into smaller tasks and powerful habits. I truly believe in the power of habits. Think of habits as the "muscles and joints" that will get you to your goal.


Most of us know what we SHOULD do--but only a few of us actually do the hard work needed to change our life's trajectory.

That's where I come in.


It took me ten years to overcome burnout. I know what works and what doesn't. With me at your side, you will see fast changes. Best of all, you will learn how to help yourself. 

diagram of the 6 steps to treat burnout

Why Work With Me?

As a practising emergency physician and a mother of two young children, I know how it feels to be burnt out and overwhelmed. For most of my medical career, I struggled with control, criticism, anger, resentment, and envy. When I became a mother, I felt pulled into so many different directions. As a person--as myself, I felt invisible.

With curiosity and a sense of adventure, I found my place of belonging in medicine. I'm still a doctor. I'm also a storyteller, a coach, a teacher, and a thriving mother. I still make lots of mistakes. I still yell when I feel the need to control and perfect. But I understand that I can choose to be better than yesterday. I have the skills to reach my version of success. 


I want that for you too.


You deserve to win. 

Where Should You Start?

The key is to just start! 


There are lots of great tips, tools, and books that can help. I’ve included some of my favourite RESOURCES here that will help you reflect on burnout, regret, shame, and purposeful living.


These are books that have changed me, podcasts that I loved, and articles that moved me. I've even created a quick "3 Habits to Stop Right Now" pdf if you're just getting started and want to work on keystone habits!

But if you’re really stuck, really in pain, I invite you to book a life changing conversation with me. Because the person I want to work with is at a crossroads in their life.

Sign post with direction signs in every direction
Covid 19 nurse with mask and plexi mask



If you are ready to make the bold choice toward personal growth, let’s meet.  


If we choose to work together, expect to be challenged. I have special training in shame and vulnerability. Medicine is not always kind. Yes, we will go there.


I will ask you uncomfortable questions. You will need to be courageous and meet yourself there.


But you will emerge whole.

Trust me. Allow the tears to flow.


Get curious.

You’ve given so much to your patients and families. It's your turn now.

Coaching Package

Signature 1-1 Coaching Package 

"How to Win First as a Mother-Doctor"

When you win first, everyone around you wins.

I help you go from feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and unsupported to learning how to live fully aligned with your values. Imagine the freedom of living according to your own vision of success!


When you are flourishing,

  1. you can raise compassionate kids because you understand how to be self-compassionate

  2. you can nurture your marriage because your bucket is full

  3. you can prioritise your physical and emotional health because you know you know that health is your first wealth

  4. you can do meaningful work because you passionately embrace your unique zone of genius


I struggled with the same superhero aspirations to have it all. I didn't realize then that in order to have it all, I needed to first let go. Now I will help you show up for yourself, meet your needs, then use that energy to help others rise. I promise you that when you invest in yourself and do this work, you will transform.  

This individual coaching includes:


  • A 1-day in-person (or virtual) "high level" session where you bring all of your questions and we map out the journey together (catered gourmet lunch included)

  • 12 individual coaching sessions over 3 months, 60 minutes each, online Zoom 

  • Action steps, summary notes, and video replay of each coaching session

  • Coaching tool PDFs and worksheets

  • Access to me through WhatsApp and email during office hours M-F 9 am to 6 pm

  • The first big step toward your future self!

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